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Our Interior Designing Services

A place is known for its inner beauty & view more. So, we, at Poshmark make sure that every interior is worked upon with a soulful & customer-centric approach. We have a kids room, salons, shopping malls, schools, offices, residents, restaurants, showroom, bank, art galleries & much more. Our philosophy is to decorate every nook and cranny of every existing building.

3D Visualization

By creating realistic images of the designs, 3D modeling & visualization save time & clarify the appearance of the design.

Granite, Tile Works

Granite & tile work is mostly done for commercial properties, hospitals, schools & many more.

Ceiling Works

Ceilings are entirely custom-made based on the customer's needs & are the most stunning features that can be seen as one hits a height in vision.

Electrical Planning

Our experts fix electrical wires to utmost safety and guarantee utmost safety!

Wallpaper Textures & Wood Coatings

Giving modern people the privilege of beautifying their urban homes with modern wallpaper textures & wood coatings, try it, it suits best for the living rooms!

Carpentry Works

With precision, we perform all kinds of demolition and maintenance work, as well as building and installing wooden and industrial fixtures.

Express Painting

Colours add life & our explicit paint services add life to your homes & properties. Our painting services focus more on a customer-centric approach


Certified high-class specialists.

Experience & Skills

Certified high-class specialists.

Customer Focus

Certified high-class specialists.

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Why Choose Us.? A choice that makes the difference

  • We are a team of experts and professionals.
  • 5+ years of experience in interior designing.
  • Top choice in Ratnagiri when it comes to interior designing and decor services.
  • We believe that quality is must and time is valuable - SO ARE OUR CUSTOMERS.
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